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Unlike the DSi XL, the 3DS will Let You Import Your Digital Game Library

Illustration for article titled Unlike the DSi XL, the 3DS will Let You Import Your Digital Game Library

Remember how Nintendo screwed everyone with a DSi over who either bought a new DSi or moved over to the DSi XL? No. Let me refresh your memory.


Turns out that all of those digital games you purchased were tied not to your bank account, or the hard earned money you spent to get the games, but rather to the particular handheld console you used to purchase the titles.

But they're digital Kotaku! Yes, we know, but unfortunately Nintendo didn't seem to completely get one of the chief strengths of that particular format, well at least not until now.


The 3DS, when it hits early next year, will apparently allow you to transfer over those games your purchased on your DSi or DSi XL.

Nintendo says that it is possible to move the downloads from the DSi and XL to the 3DS. It is also possible to move DSiWare, they say. They don't mention anything about DSi to DSi transfers or DSi to DSi XL transfers, which leads us to believe that those folks are still out o luck.

Also Nintendo notes that there is a restriction to the number of times that data can be moved and that not all software will be movable. Fantastic!

We've hit up Nintendo of America for clarification and will update when we hear back with anything other than "Nintendo doesn't comment on speculation rumor, or statements made by the president of our company."

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Something that kinda pisses me off with Nintendo was that all the stuff I downloaded on my Wii isn't tied to some sort of account. If something happens to my Wii, like for example the internal fan died on me a while back, I'll have lost everything I paid for on the system, not just my saves. It's why I only ever bought two things, SMB3 and Paper Mario.

With Steam, Live or PSN, your stuff can be moved around as long as you have the means to access your account. Because of that I feel safe plunking down for games there (especially Steam) knowing that if my PC dies I just need to sign in with my new one and simply redownload them.

This is a step in the right direction, but Nintendo's really behind with its online ball game.