Unknown Worlds Triumphantly Teases Natural Selection 2

The developers of popular Half-Life mod Natural Selection are preparing to release standalone sequel Natural Selection 2 this year via Steam, and we've got the exclusive teaser trailer to prove it.

Last we heard, the development of the standalone sequel to one of the most played Half-Life 2 mods had hit a financial snag, with developers forced to sell their bodies Sodoku to get by. Now we learn that grassroots fund raising and investor capital have given developer Unknown Worlds all they need to finish the game, which will be released later this year via Steam.


Like the original Half-Life mod, Natural Selection 2 pits two teams of up to 16 players against each other in a battle between space marines and the aliens who would infect them, featuring real-time alien infestation effects and a great deal of strategic gameplay for those looking for something more from their shooter.

I'd have to say the game is looking absolutely gorgeous. The team at Unknown Worlds have crafted their own game engine for the project, and everything you see in the video is created using said engine. Not bad for a four-person development team, huh?

Oh, and for those of you unfamiliar with the mod, that giant beastie up there? That's an Onos, and it's playable. Yum.

Find out more at the official Natural Selection 2 website.


I will buy this game, if only to compensate them for the awesomness of the first one.

I wish they would stick with source though, if they are really using a new engine, who

knows how long it'll take for them to finish, if ever...