University Charging Students To Use Game Room

Students at the University of Northern Kentucky will have to pony up if they want to enjoy their leisure time playing video games at the Student Union. The Northerner reports students will have to pay $4 an hour to use any of the game systems, one controller and one game. But surprise! The students hate it, as they should. What's worse is they'll still be charged the full $4 even if they bring their own games and controllers or stay for only half the time. I never used the game room at my school, but it was still free. We just couldn't steal anything. I realize things cost money, and it appears this particular game room was quite expensive, but to nickel and dime already poor college students who will be paying off loans for years after they graduate isn't the smartest of ideas. Hell, just secretly raise tuition or offer some kind of membership program. Just don't do hourly charges. Any Kotakuites out there have to pay to use their school's game room, too? Or is this an isolated case? Game room gets complaints [Image]


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