Unique FPS That Merged Single & Multiplayer Gets Shelved

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Man, I remember reading about this game in Edge a few years back and thinking "they will never get this to work". And they haven't, as The Crossing has been put on hold.


The game, by Arkane Studios, promised to blend single & multiplayer gaming, by making real humans your faceless opponents in a singleplayer game. While my reservations were based on a combination of concerns, both technical and ethical (on the side of your opponents in a singleplayer game), tuns out the game has been shelved not for those reasons, but for financial ones.

"We ran into an unexpected financial challenge some months ago and we had to put The Crossing on hold", says Raphael Colantonio, CEO and creative director of Arkane. That challenge came in the form of recent EA layoffs, as EA had been roped in, along with Valve, to help Arkane publish the game. Along with those layoffs came cutbacks, and The Crossing was amongst the projects let go by EA.

There's still hope that the game - which had a nice Mirror's Edge-meets-Assassin's-Creed look to it - may be resurrected later down the line, but then, how many games do you ever hear making it out of development limbo?

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Maddy Grace

Figures. I thought the same thing back in the day. Great idea, though... I just don't think it's possible with today's technology.