Unexpected Job Requirement For Video Game Streamers: 'Be Comfortable Wearing A Bikini Top'

Background illustration by us
Background illustration by us

Well here’s an unusual job requirement: A Craigslist call for a “Lady Video Game Streamer” asks for applicants who are OK with wearing bikinis on camera.


“The ideal candidate will have experience working with computers and social networking websites,” reads the advertisement, which was posted earlier this week on Craigslist’s job listings for the DC area.

And here’s the kicker, which says a lot about what people think brings in the bucks in game streaming these days: “Video game experience is preferred, but not required. As the majority of our audience is males 18-35, streamers should also be comfortable wearing a bikini top.”


The job offers $30,000 a year and promises annual performance raises. I reached out to the Craigslist poster on a dummy e-mail just to make sure this was a real advertisement, and the poster responded with a friendly message introducing himself and asking if I’d be down for a quick Skype interview. Needless to say, I don’t think I look good enough in a bikini top.

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I think (for the benefit of the story, of course) that you need to do a skype interview in a bikini top and follow up.

It’s for the good of the story.