Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Is A Puzzle Game Worthy Of Nathan Drake

Illustration for article titled emUncharted: Fortune Hunter/em Is A Puzzle Game Worthy Of Nathan Drake

Once again, Nathan Drake is following in Lara Croft’s footsteps.

Released today ahead of the much-anticipated debut of Uncharted 4 next week, Uncharted: Fortune Hunter gives players a new perspective from which to control Naughty Dog’s iconic hero. Much like Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, Fortune Hunter places Nathan on a grid-based puzzle environment littered with lethal hazards and tasks players to reach an endpoint in as few moves as possible.

Clearing a puzzle earns coins and treasures. Doing it with less moves than prescribed gives players a loot key that they can use to open chests scrounged up by Nathan’s gruff older mentor Sully. New chests appear over time, but players can pay to speed up the clock or get more gold coins.

Fortune Hunter is fun enough on its own merits, but the main draw for Uncharted fans might be the multiplayer perks for the PS4 game that the mobile game doles out as rewards. If you link a Sony Entertainment Network account to Fortune Hunter, you’ll be able to unlock specific outfits, weapon skins and other goodies for use in Uncharted 4’s multiplayer. Despite the microtransactions and tether to its console sibling, Fortune Hunter doesn’t feel like a tossed-off cash grab. You can grab it for free on Google Play and Apple App Store.


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I didn’t think I could like Hitman GO more and then I played Lara Croft GO.

I’ll definitely give this a shot.