Uncharted 4 Contains Hidden Ghost Guns

Gif: Boundary Break / Kotaku

The Uncharted games are action-packed adventures, filled with loveable characters and big setpieces. Also, apparently, ghost guns.

Usually, the easiest way to do something is to just do it. For example, if you need an area in your game to have gunshots going off in the background you could just stick some guns in the air, out of sight of the player of course, and have those guns shoot a wall. And that’s exactly what Naughty Dog did, as shown in the latest Boundary Break video covering Uncharted 4.

The latest episode of Boundary Break also shows how Uncharted 4 pulled of sticking a level of Crash Bandicoot in the game. You might be surprised to find out its not an emulator. It’s just the first level of the game remade inside the Uncharted 4 engine.


I guess that technically means Crash Bandicoot has ghost guns too. What a world.

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C.M. Allen

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