As someone who snuggles up to his copy of Raising The Bar every night, I'm one to appreciate a good video game art book. And Uncharted 2's looks damn good.

Published by Ballistic, the book comes in three versions, ranging from USD$65 all the way up to an incredible USD$300. At the lower end of that scale is the regular edition, a 272-page book full of things like environment art, character pieces, in-game art, effects work, animation studies and concept art.


At the top end is the Limited Folio edition, restricted to 200 copies worldwide. It's hand-bound, comes in a gold-edged, suede leather box and looks like something that would sit on a shelf in a Gentlement's club circa 1906, and contain all the mysteries of the world.

You can check out all three versions of the book at the link below. Just don't get your hopes up for one of those folio editions.

[Uncharted 2 @ Ballistic]

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