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Naughty Dog's highly anticipated action adventure Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a little over a month out. If that 32 day wait seems slightly intolerable to you, a series of sneak peeks at select theaters might tide you over.

Sony will be holding four events that will promote Nathan Drake's newest PS3 outing, showing the half-tucked hero's exploits on very big, very high definition screens and giving you a chance at showing your skill in multiplayer tournaments. Even better may be the opportunity for some folks to grab the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition.


Said events go down on October 5th and 6th at the following locations.

Chicago Area – Rosemont, IL, Muvico Theater
LA Area – Thousand Oaks, CA, Muvico Theater
Seattle Area – Bellevue, WA, Lincoln Square Theater
San Francisco – Landmark Embarcadero

Say, I live in the LA area! Maybe I'll get some of that "food" and "fun" they're promising. Additional details at the ol'

UNCHARTED 2 Officially Goes Gold, Plus Sneak-Peek Cinema Events! []

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