Unannounced Resident Evil 6 Could Take 8 Years

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Resident Evil 5 is a big hit. Know what Capcom likes better than big hits? Making big hits into big hit sequels.


According to RE5 producer Masachika Kawata, "We haven't decided whether we're going to make Resident Evil 6 yet... But if we do, it could take anywhere up to eight years, but hopefully only four."

It could take up to eight years, but hopefully only four?! To recap, Resident Evil came out in 1996, Resident Evil 2 in 1998, Resident Evil 3 in 1999, Resident Evil 4 in 2005 and Resident Evil 5 in 2009. And possibly RE6 in 2017?

Expect a gajillion spin-offs and Wii ports in between then.

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Good farking lord.. 8 years !? I don't know what to say..

Well hopefully no conflicts come into play as far as.. technology.

I mean eight years in the tech world.. is like.. a pc in 2000 would be a granpa in 2008..

That huge gap worries me..

Why would it take eight years though? I mean.. eight years for.. what? 20 hours of gameplay? That doesn't seem right.. Like there's a huge lack of efficiency. Or maybe they just don't want to get burned out? ... I don't know..

I think you (Kotaku) should ask the producer why it would take so long? Are they aiming to make a 60 hour game? seriously

I understand that a lot of work goes into these games. I just don't understand why it takes so long. Unless it's all story development and making things fit together.