UK Scientists Testing The Wii's Exercise Potential

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Is Playing on the Wii actually any good for you? Kotaku was all over this from the start - check out our groundbreaking study - but apparently the Lancet don't take papers from gaming blogs. Their loss. Proper scientists (well, 'sports scientists', but they have doctorates and everything) from the University of Derby in the UK have decided to conduct their own investigation. Researchers are monitoring groups of primary school children to see if Wii gaming helps them to lose weight. "We hope this research will determine if playing on this equipment could actually have physical benefits for children.", said exercise physiology lecturer Dr Michael Duncan. Nintendo Wii could help primary school pupils lose weight [Daily Telegraph]


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Syafiqjabar of Mars

'Sports scientists' are real scientists, mind. I don't know what you (the writer) are implying. Or are you pissed off because women swimmers have start covering their legs because of them inventing those new swimsuits?