UFC Getting Private Island, Is Now Basically A Fighting Game

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Unlike most sports, which are just riding this whole covid-19 thing out, the UFC is out there trying to get back underway as quickly as possible. By taking what used to be a fairly conventional combat sport and turning it into the plot of a Dead Or Alive or Tekken game.


UFC boss Dana White has “secured” the use of a private island, where he’s hoping all international fighters legally able to be transported there can arrive later this month and get fighting.

White has the island—whose location is still unknown—for two months, and plans to be staging fights there on a weekly basis.

In terms of how safe or legal this is, the UFC says every person involved will be screened before being allowed into the facilities, where they’ll presumably be living for the duration of...whatever you want to call this.

Before you label White as some kind of madman, know that at least one other major sports league—Australia’s entire National Rugby League competition—has been publicly talking about a similar idea for a while now.

This is kinda dumb and reckless and may violate all kinds of laws countries have imposed regarding international travel during this pandemic. It would also constitute genuine international sport, something millions of people are crying out for at the moment, and is also the closest we may ever get to seeing a ’90s fighting game storyline come to life.


Or Enter the Dragon.

Or the Mortal Kombat movie.

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Faux Bravo

I understand the baggage that comes with me saying that I’m a regular Joe Rogan podcast listener, but he’s been bringing this up for a while. It’s not surprising.

I don’t know anything about UFC, but I know about giant sports organizations. They’re trying to keep a huge fight in the spotlight at any cost. Because likely that cost will still be less than the profit of people paying to watch. It’s not an amazing idea, but if they’re being safe about it, hey, why not?

I’m interested for the fight to happen if only so I can hear what people who know about fighting have to say about it.

I started taking some martial arts pretty heavily a few years ago. And while they’re considered laughable to the keyboard warrior sect of the internet, it’s still piqued my interest in fighting in general. Just not enough to actually pay attention beyond what Joe Rogan has to say about, haha.

Wow, go to bed, Faux Bravo. This is too much for a Monday night.