Udon or Soba? Fight!

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In Japan, you are either an udon person or a soba person. You cannot be both! This is serious Beatles-Stones kinda stuff.


Well, not that serious. And people do like both, but most of my friends and family seem to prefer one to the other.

Both udon and soba, of course, are noodles. However, udon is a wheat-flour noodle, and soba is a buckwheat-flour noodle. So, they're quite different as far as noodles go.


There are various ways to eat both noodles—hot and cold. Recently, I was in Izushi, Hyogo Prefecture. It's famous for its soba, and the Japanese royal family visited *somewhat* recently.

Above you can see soba being made by hand. There is also a tray of soba noodles. The noodles are in little plates, which is why this is called "sara soba" (皿そば). You crack open an egg, add wasabi, green onions, and tororo (a gooey substance made from yam). Then you dip the soba in this mixture and eat it. While I'm definitely an udon man, it was quite delicious.

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Make-Believe Invisible Jewish Zombie of UltraPowerfulness

The article was a nice introduction for those on the site who don't know what Udon or Soba is, but I think you need to get your facts straight before stating BS like "You can't be both". I'll admit, you at least stated after the fact that it was your family who seemed to do this. BUt your family must be weird. Out of the thousands of people I've met in my life here in Japan, I have never once seen anyone "pick a side" when it came to Soba or Udon.

Making up headlines for the clicks. Way to go, BAshcraft.