In a series of tweets, worldwide GDC overseer Simon Carless gave away a few details regarding Ubisoft's upcoming downloadable title, Child of Light.

Announced today by Ubisoft's Patrick Plourde during a presentation at GDC Europe, Child of Light is a "painterly" 2D sidescroller with turn-based battles powered by the engine behind Rayman Origins, and inspired by the works of, among others, Hayao Miyazaki and Yoshitaka Amano.


VideoGamer further reports that Plourde, who previously worked on Far Cry 3, described Child of Light as a "playable poem" with elements from both Limbo and Final Fantasy VI. He also revealed that the game would be coming out this winter.

So far, no visuals have been made officially available for Child of Light. We will update this post if or when they are.

Ubisoft Montreal reveals 'playable poem' Child of Light [VideoGamer]

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UPDATE: IGN has shared a few photos they've taken of the concept art featured during the presentation. There's one up top and two below.


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