Ubisoft Says It Won't Address Misconduct Issues During Today's Digital Showcase

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Ubisoft’s big gaming showcase event today will be full of hype for upcoming Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry releases, but it won’t mention the stream of allegations, resignations and overall upheaval happening as a result of weeks of reports about sexual misconduct across many parts of the publisher.


A tweet posted on the company’s official Twitter account blames the fact that this “Ubisoft Forward” event’s content is pre-recorded, itself a byproduct of Ubisoft’s annual E3-style showcase not being a traditional live show due to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s hard to understand how a company with Ubisoft’s resources couldn’t have managed to work something in. Allegations about Ubisoft developers and executives have been circulating on social media since late June. The first visible consequence of them, the creative director of the next Assassin’s Creed stepping down, occurred on June 24. Just last night, the company’s CEO announced three of its most powerful executive and creative leaders, including the man in charge of all of the mega-publisher’s game development, were leaving the company, because of a range of misconduct issues and the company’s failure to deal with them sooner.

In today’s statement from Ubisoft, the company said they “will provide updates soon.”

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To be fair, it would be tonally awkward to follow “We are committed to addressing the allegations that have hit this company, etc.” with “Anyhoo, here’s Just Dance 2021.”