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Ubisoft San Francisco has announced that after 383 weeks they are done adding new DLC to Rocksmith 2014: Remastered. The game’s total song library now stands at 1570 songs spanning seven decades. Ubisoft San Francisco also revealed they have been working on a new project, which is why they are moving away from making more DLC for Rocksmith.


Kotaku Weekend Editor | Zack Zwiezen is a writer living in Kansas. He has written for GameCritics, USgamer, Kill Screen & Entertainment Fuse.

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Rocksmith has a very special place in my heart. I initially bought the original it for a number of reasons, but the top one is that I was obsessed with rhythm games at the time (GH, RB, Cytus, Tap Tap, Jubeat, etc.) and also really into classic rock. The help-you-learn features were a nice bonus, but admittedly I didn’t actually spend too much time on the lessons. Since then I’ve bought it two or three more times: when RS2014 came out, and again when RS2014:R came out.

Several years later, now having stopped playing guitar, I broke out my old copy of RS2014:R last summer to get myself back into it, and I was pretty amazed at the tracklist. If I’m honest with myself I really miss playing, so this farewell (and the quarantine) seems like a pretty good excuse to break out the old axe.