Ubisoft Sales Dip Slightly In The Third Quarter

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Ubisoft reported sales for the third fiscal quarter of 2009-10 today, indicating a 2.7% drop in year-over-year sales, a marked improvement over the first half drop of 52%.


Ubisoft came on strong during the holiday season, nearly matching 2008-2009's third quarter sales of €508 million, with €495 million in sales representing a rather modest 2.7% drop. Drops are generally considered bad, but when compared to Ubisoft's first half performance, with sales of €166 million compared to the previous year's €344 million, then things are definitely looking up for the company.


The surge is likely due in no small part to the impressive numbers for Assassin's Creed II, selling more than six million copies across all platforms as of last month, while the company explains the lack of overall performance is due to a softness in the Nintendo DS market, along with poor performance of the video game tie-ins for James Cameron's Avatar.

In light of the enhanced performance, Ubisoft expects fourth quarter sales of around €200 million, 3% less than the previous year, with total fiscal year 2009-10 sales of €860.

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"...with total fiscal year 2009-10 sales of €860."

Wow, what did they spend it all on? Hookers and blow?