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Ubisoft Making Emergency Changes To PC DRM

Illustration for article titled Ubisoft Making Emergency Changes To PC DRM

With Ubisoft's new digital rights management regime for the PC proving both easy to circumvent and wildly unpopular, the publisher has been rushing to make changes to the system in an attempt to appease consumers.


Example: Assassin's Creed II isn't even out yet on PC, yet Ubisoft has already upgraded the game to v1.01, the main change awaiting purchasers of the game being the fact the game "can now be continued from the exact same point when connection is restored".


Previously, Ubisoft had said that should a player lose their internet connection - a requirement under the company's ridiculous new DRM scheme - their singleplayer, offline game would drop out, and upon reloading you'd be left at your last checkpoint, not the actual point where the game cut out on you.

It won't appease the furious masses, and nor should it, but at least it's an acknowledgement of how unpopular this whole thing has become.

[Assassin's Creed II, thanks Steve!]

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I would say a shot of the Executor crashing into the Death Star is a better representation of how the DRM has lasted.

However, whether DRM's exist or not, it's still not gonna stop the people from downloading :\. I myself buy my PC games (then again the only ones I still play are Warcraft III and Diablo II), but in all honesty I see the PC market now as something (that I would think) would be ineffective as far as making a profit goes.