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What better time to appoint a new head to your company's casual gaming division than casual Friday? Ubisoft reiterates their dedication to the casual gaming space by creating the position of group brand manager for the casual gaming division and filling it with cool, refreshing, former Coca-Cola marketeer Mark Slaughter, not to be confused with the lead singer of heavy metal band Slaughter. Mark will be controlling things from the UK, reporting directly to Ubi's marketing director John Rosenblatt.

Mark will be in charge of all things casual and Ubisoft, from the My Coach line of games to the Petz series. Not sure how comfortable I feel having a man named Slaughter in charge of Petz, but any executive move that has me pondering the headline "Ubisoft Slaughters Petz" can't be all that bad.

Ubisoft appoints new head of casual [Casual Game News]


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