Ubisoft Just Announced A Wii Game

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It is the year 2018 and Ubisoft is releasing Just Dance for the Wii.

Not the Wii U, although that’s getting a version of the company’s perennially-popular motion-controlled dancing game, too. Just Dance 2019 is also coming out for the Xbox 360 Kinect! But really, the shocking part is that games are still being made for the 2006 Nintendo console that was just slightly more powerful than a GameCube.


It just goes to show you that the tail end of the market for casual, inexpensive game hardware and family-friendly fun can be very long indeed. New Atari 2600 games were being produced into the early 1990s, for example, even though that console came out in 1977.

Amazingly, the PlayStation 3 version of Just Dance ended up getting axed before the Wii one. (There was a PS3 version of 2018, but not 2019.)

This is also a warning to collectors: Nintendo will still press Wii discs in certain circumstances. So, for example, don’t pay too much money for a second-hand copy of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, because it’s entirely possible that Nintendo could turn the printing presses back on again.

So, will this be the final Wii game, or will Just Dance 2020 also come to Wii? We’ll find out in a year, I guess.

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And everyone called me crazy when I refused to get rid of my Wii. Who’s laughing now?!

**probably them, still. :’(