Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment are working on a next-gen, online, open-world RPG called The Division.

Set in a realistic, albeit bleak take on the near future, it's a world in which our complex society and systems have broken down. The trailer, perhaps intentionally, looks a lot like that used last year to reveal Watch Dogs.


Gameplay footage shown is from a third-person perspective, with fancy map overlays and a highly-detailed city.

While Ubisoft says this is an RPG, the gameplay footage shown is almost exclusively action/shooter stuff.

To be crude, it looks like a cross between Mass Effect's action and the world of The Last Of Us.

It's due on PS4 and Xbox One.

UPDATE - While at first it looked to be entirely new IP, that's only half true. While it's a new series, it's bearing the Tom Clancy brand, with the game's full name being Tom Clancy's Division.

More to come...