Ubisoft Expects Minimal Impact from PlayStation Network Downtime

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While the PlayStation Network security breach and subsequent downtime has had significant impact on many PlayStation 3 publishers, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says he expects his company's cost to be minimal.


Speaking today during Ubisoft's fiscal year 2011 financial results conference call, Guillemot spoke about how the PlayStation Network's security-spawned hiatus was affecting his company. "


"It's affecting us. It's affecting the games we launched and its affecting some games we've wanted to launch," he said, likely referring to Housemarque's platformer Outland, released on Xbox Live Arcade on April 27, its PSN release on hold until the network is restored.

Despite Outland's PlayStation 3 limbo, Guillemot still expects the overall impact to be small.

"The impact is still small because our revenue on this platform is not huge, so we think that altogether the cost will be minimal," Yves explained.

When asked to compare Xbox Live Arcade revenue to PlayStation revenue, Guillemot indicated that downloadable games revenues were higher on Microsoft's console, adding "Significantly higher at the moment."


That doesn't mean that Ubisoft is fine and dandy with the outage. Guillemot pointed out that many of Ubisoft's games were multiplayer, and the publisher wants players enjoying those experiences again as soon as possible.

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