Ubisoft and Toys'R'Us Team for an Incredibly Complicated Way to Earn Coupons

Why spend hours maintaining a virtual business for no real reward when you can spend hours building a virtual Toys'R'Us and earn valuable coupons?


Within 15 minutes of launching Ubisoft's Toys'R'Us Towers on Facebook, I earned 15 percent off any single item in the store. Taking into account the massive markup the company pays to be a standalone toy store instead of the toy department at Walmart, that lowers the price of any one item to the same price I could buy it for at Walmart.

It's the thought that counts.

It's not a bad little game so far. You place modular departments within a store-shaped grid, hiring associates, collecting cash, upgrading displays and pleasing your evil corporate overlords until one day you become one yourself. Along the way you score real-world value. What's not to like?

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Toys'R'Us Towers [Facebook]

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there's a markup for being standalone and not a department? wtf why?