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Ubisoft: 3D Gaming Will Be The New Stereo Sound

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With a new game coming out that supports 3D glasses gaming, publisher Ubisoft is claiming that 3D glasses gaming will someday be essential.

The action-shooter Avatar: The Game hits on December 1, tying in to the upcoming movie of the same name from James Cameron. The film and the Xbox 360 / PS3 versions of the game will support 3D visuals, utilizing the more advanced digital 3D techniques that are intended to supplant the old cardboard-glasses anaglyph approach that worked with any old display.


To experience Avatar in 3D through the video games, users will need to have 3D-compatible TVs. Otherwise they'll be playing the game in its non-3D mode.

But 3D TVs are not something many folks have. Some day, if Ubisoft is right, we'll wonder how we coped without them.


Here is Yannis Mallat, head of Ubisoft Montreal, where the Avatar games are being made, from an interview with the Financial Post:

"3D is to pictures what Dolby Stereo was to sound," he said. "No one wants to go back to mono."


Sony, as we reported recently, is also pushing 3D TVs and 3D games as a big thing for the near future.


Back in the summer, I wore 3D glasses while watching Avatar being played, maybe for five minutes. And I've played a side-scroller from Blitz Games using similar digital 3D technology. Both required 3D TVs. AndbBoth were impressive, moreso for how much depth into the TV they presented, rather than for what you often expect 3D to get you: Stuff flying out toward your face. But I don't feel that I've had enough time with 3D set-ups or the games built for them to say whether Mallat is just providing hype or if he's on to something.

And without owning a 3D-compatible TV, I don't think I can assess what he's talking about any time soon.


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