A Little Tenderness - Kotaku editorial director Joel Johnson whispers sweet nothings into the ear of deputy editor Stephen Totilo after a Ubisoft event in New York City where alcohol was clearly served. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

Magnetic Baby, An iOS Platformer With Gravitational Pull and A Portal or Two

If an iPhone game can surprise me, like Magnetic Baby does (but just a little), it's because I seem to have become accustomed to playing with gravity and leaping through wormholes and understanding the physics of sentient little blobs in my video games. More »


This Historical First-Person Shooter is an Iranian National Treasure

In the mid 1700's an Arab Amir took on the military might of Dutch colonials occupying Iran's Kharg Island, capturing their fort and liberating the southern Iranian cities from colonial rule. More »


Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Will Borrow Gun-on-Gun Feel of Call of Duty 4, De-Emphasize Verticality of MW2

A reduction of the number of so-called hotspots on the multiplayer maps of Modern Warfare 3 will alter and accelerate the flow of action in this fall's installment of the Call of Duty franchise juggernaut, one of the game's creators told Kotaku this week in New York City. More »

Did Nintendo Just Out Netflix's 3D Streaming Plans?

Buried in today's news that Netflix is now live on Nintendo's 3DS portable was a potentially much bigger piece of information: The mammoth movie and TV streaming service plans to start streaming 3D content soon. But apparently Netflix knew nothing about a 3D service being announced. More »



Do You Have Ten Hours? Over a Hundred? This Post Is for You.

YouTube user TehN1ppe posts ten hour clips. Ten hours! Ten hours of endless loops, like Mario climbing a vine. For ten hours. Or Mudkip. Yep, Mah, Hiep, Mah, Hiep. More »


Let's Take a Tour of Netflix on the 3DS

Come with me as I explore the magical world of streaming video with the newly-released Netflix app for the Nintendo 3DS. Have all of our portable entertainment dreams come true? More »


What Is Japan's Fetish This Week? Catgirls

Damn, they're cute. Not the girl—her ears. She is a catgirl—a female with cat ears. To underscore their feline traits, some have cat teeth,and even cat eyes. More »


Spoiler Alert: Let's Talk About the Ending of Shadows of the Damned

It's finally time. Welcome to the last Kotaku Game Club discussion of Shadows of the Damned. Today we're talking about Act 5, the game's ending and our final thoughts.
It should go without saying, but since we're talking about the ending here, we'll be extra careful: More »

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