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U R *Not* "Mr. Gay" In Super Mario Galaxy 2

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember when someone stared at Super Mario Galaxy's logo a little too long, deciphering the hidden message "U R MR GAY" cleverly encoded by Nintendo's cheeky box art designers? Well, Nintendo has nipped that in the bud for the sequel.


While the first Super Mario Galaxy logo featured twinkling star placement that some found suspiciously scattered across it title, the follow-up does not. The eagle-eyed logo research scientists at Eurogamer Spain have noticed that the logo from Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not proclaim that the viewer is Mr. Gay, partly, we assume, because that's not a very common last name. Kind of limits your audience.

The hidden message in Galaxy 2, as determined by twinkling star placement? Either "U R MIAY" or "U R MILY" depending on your point of view. Anyone get what they're trying to tell us here?


"UR MR GAY" desaparece del logo de Mario Galaxy 2 [ - thanks, Albert!]