Two Years Later, Just Cause 2 Could Finally Get Awesomely Chaotic Multiplayer

People loved Just Cause 2. With all the crazy grappling/parachuting/action-stunting in Avalanche Studios' 2010 hit, why wouldn't they? But Rico Rodriguez' adventures didn't have anything by way of online multiplayer, which would've made an already good game even better. Oh, well, JC2 lovers can dream of what might've been, right?

But one group of those people are doing more than just dreaming. They're building a mod that will make multiplayer a reality for the PC version of Just Cause 2.


The Australian indie developers first showed proof-of-concept on their JC2 multiplayer work two years ago but then mysteriously fell silent until only recently. In an update on their official site, the JC-MP devs said that their non-communication was the result of hitting a wall in terms of progress. But, as the video above shows, they seem to have found their mojo and are preparing to unleash all sorts of random open-world mayhem. They even got an admiring Twitter shout-out from Avalanche's Magnus Johansson. If you want more updates on when this online deliciousness will be available for PC, go on over and subscribe for updates. Hopefully, this mod hits before the rumored Just Cause 3 comes out.

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I'm having a love/hate relationship with Just Cause 2 (PS3 version here).

I bought it quite some time ago, but haven't finished it yet. It's more like the game that I sometimes pop in to fool around a bit, and then maybe make a mission or two.

But the gunfights can get pretty rough, and there's very little ammo, this game could've beneffited with more ammo scattered throughout the gigantic map. Yes, you can buy weapons and stuff with the dealer, but that system is a bit cumbersome with all the constant pausing and getting out of the menu everytime you buy a new thing. Seriously, they should've just put more collectable weapon crates on the game, seeing as it's so ridiculously big.

And traveling can be a pain in the ass, especially when you want to go a big distance, unless you have a plane or helicopter. Yes, using the hook and parachute combo can be fun, and works for fairly short distances... but try to get a bit further, and this system is too slow, a car also gets a bit slow because you can't jump over chasm or obstacles easily, and a you can't be buying a plane or coming across one everytime you want to go from one point of the map to another.

Basically, this game's gigantic island was both its blessing and its curse. The scenery is amazing, but the traveling aspect of it could've been handled better (this is of vital importance considering how ridiculously large Panau is) and the checkpoint system could've been a bit better, too.

And yes, I know this actually isn't very related to this article, which speaks of the multiplayer mod of the PC version. Awesome news for PC users, I wish I could enjoy that as well. But still, I wanted to share this opinion. Just Cause 2 has many superb fun factors, but its numerous shortcomings make it hard for me to love it, and I LOVE sandbox games. It should be a given that I should be batshit crazy for this game because it gives you a ridiculous amount of freedom on a really vast world... but damn.

I hope they address all these issues on Just Cause 3. Funny thing is that all of these defects are only due to game design decisions, not game breaking bugs or anything like that. So yeah, the JC2 developers are definitely capable of improving the experience a great deal.