Two-Year-Old Girl Offered For Sale Over Xbox Live

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Over the weekend, pranksters spammed Xbox Live users with a message advertising the sale of 23 year-old Christa Manos' baby girl. The message included her phone number. Manos is not impressed.

She was soon fielding angry, abusive phone calls from parents across the United States, some berating her for being a terrible parent, others content just to call up and threaten her. Which is a little mean. I mean, the ad was offering free shipping.

Manos - from Punta Gorda in Florida - has "a good idea who is responsible", though local authorities are still conducting an investigation. If caught, the perpetrators could face criminal use of information charges.


Child for sale? [Charlotte Sun, via GamePolitics]

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Ah the power of stupid people. Stupid enough to believe the message, and stupid enough to think they have any right to call and harrass her.