Two Worlds Lets You "Play" An Advent Calendar For Prizes

Again, I have to use my Jewish status to explain why I have no idea what an advent calendar is. Sounds pretty silly, though — a calendar that only covers 80% of a single month out of the year? Meshugge!

But I'm to understand you get things when you use an advent calendar. Little things like candy or stickers — or dradles dreidels* if someone in your family has a sense of humor.


Just so with upcoming role-playing game, Two Worlds II, you get stuff if you use their online advent calendar starting today. Most of what you get are questions — but if you answer them, you get actual prizes. Said prizes range from little stuff like software packages and 12-month subscriptions to publications to bigger, awesomer things like an Xbox 360, PlayStation3, cash or a gaming PC worth up to $1,000 dollars

You can check out the Two Worlds II advent calendar here.

*Hey, I said I was Jewish. I never said I didn't sleep through Hebrew School.

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