Two Worlds Lets You "Play" An Advent Calendar For Prizes

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Again, I have to use my Jewish status to explain why I have no idea what an advent calendar is. Sounds pretty silly, though — a calendar that only covers 80% of a single month out of the year? Meshugge!


But I'm to understand you get things when you use an advent calendar. Little things like candy or stickers — or dradles dreidels* if someone in your family has a sense of humor.

Just so with upcoming role-playing game, Two Worlds II, you get stuff if you use their online advent calendar starting today. Most of what you get are questions — but if you answer them, you get actual prizes. Said prizes range from little stuff like software packages and 12-month subscriptions to publications to bigger, awesomer things like an Xbox 360, PlayStation3, cash or a gaming PC worth up to $1,000 dollars


You can check out the Two Worlds II advent calendar here.

*Hey, I said I was Jewish. I never said I didn't sleep through Hebrew School.

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The ONLY way, and even this way is tentative, but the only way I'd ever even touch Two Worlds 2 is if they gave it away for free.

Actually... no. Sorry, but no. The first just sucked too much. The only way is if they replace the instruction manual in the box with a 20 dollar bill... and replace the game cd with a 20 dollar bill... and a sticker on the front that offers 20 dollars off any game that's not related to the creators of Two Worlds. That way I can leave the store with a good game.