Sure, Two Worlds II developer Reality Pump Studios will still release new normal screen shots, but they can be faked. Movies, on the other hand...

...can still be faked. Along with these four new screens for Two Worlds II, Reality Pump has released a series of "MoveShots" at its website. "MoveShots" are tiny little videos that show the game in motion, which according to a press release will take care of any worries fans might have about fake screenshots.

"These, so-called, MoveShots serve as a very vivid forecast into the Antaloor universe featured in "Two Worlds II" as well as dispelling any rumors about the possibility of doctored screen shots, which, unfortunately, are all too common throughout the modern day videogame industry."

Hit up the game's website to check out the MoveShots for yourself. They're just like tiny movies, only...exactly like tiny movies.