Two Things You Should Know About Madden 13 For Wii U

I've been playing around with Madden 13 for Wii U, which is a Madden game for the Wii U. If you have played a Madden game, you probably know what you are getting (football).


But! There are two big things you should know if you are considering playing this version of EA's massive concussion-simulation series.

1. You can use the Wii U's GamePad to draw routes for receivers, which is really cool because you can make Calvin Johnson do pirouettes in the backfield or tell Roddy White and Julio Jones to run at full speed into one another as hard as they can. It's fun. (Rather than shoot the same video footage again, I'll just point you to the above video, taken at a Wii U preview event. This version of the game is the same one you can buy on store shelves.)

2. Text on the GamePad is blurry and made my eyes hurt if I tried to use it for an extended period of time. The framerate is also not great when you use the GamePad and television simultaneously—everything gets all choppy and difficult to use. This is a problem. It makes this version of Madden 13 tough to recommend, as cool as the GamePad's new features are.

(Bonus third fun fact: Tim Tebow is still awful.)



How about the fact that the Wii U version of the game does not utilize the Infinity Physics Engine? You know, the main feature that the game was built around on the 360 and PS3. Pretty big omission.