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Two Streamers Beat An Apparently 'Unbeatable' Ultimate Custom Night Challenge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, Twitch streamer Rhemery accomplished what Five Nights at Freddy’s fans and YouTubers around the world have been trying (and failing) to accomplish these past few weeks—beating a supposedly “unbeatable” mode in Ultimate Custom Night. Today, he was followed by another streamer, Dawko.

Ultimate Custom Night, which Kotaku covered last week, was released on June 27, and is considered the final game of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It includes a mode that even creator Scott Cawthon himself thought would be impossible: “50/20 Mode” requires the player to survive an entire night in the office against all 50 animatronics at the game’s highest difficulty level, 20.

The winning run begins at 11:32:42 of Rhemery’s stream. He began the night with three power-ups: Frigid (sets the starting temperature of the office at 50 degrees instead of 60), 3 Coins (gives you 3 Faz-Coins to start with), and Battery (grants you 2 percent extra power). These power-ups gave Rhemery an upper hand as he seamlessly juggled checking the monitor, flipping on the Fazbear Mask, and opening and closing the vents and doors throughout the night.


One minute into the session, he managed to secure a Death Coin, which he then used to swiftly eliminate Funtime Foxy from the roster for the rest of the night. Rhemery continued to to elude the animatronics despite the screen intermittently fading to black, Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie hustling into the office, and Trashgang and Funtime Chica abruptly flashing onto the screen. Admittedly, it was absolutely satisfying to repeatedly hear the animatronics’ failed attempts to get into the office, indicated by thuds against the blocked doors and vents. Rhemery, in the final moments leading up to his win, managed to just barely survive the night with a room temperature of 103 degrees and 2 percent of power left.

As the congratulatory music began to roll, Rhemery was shouting from shock and excitement.


“Oh my god, I actually did it,” he said, beginning to laugh. “I must be dreaming!” Shortly after the win, Rhemery was crowned “King of Ultimate Custom Night” by the Five Nights at Freddy’s subreddit and was personally congratulated by Cawthon himself.

However, all was not well in the community. After Rhemery’s win, viewers began to post comments putting down Dawko, another Twitch streamer who was also attempting to defeat Ultimate Custom Night’s 50/20 mode, for not being the first person to beat the mode. Some of them even went to his stream, flooding the chat with so much toxicity that his had to walk away. Dawko called the flood of harassment “the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.” Giving the story something of a happy ending, today, in the same stream in which he addressed this experience, Dawko went on to win 50/20 mode, too.