Two Sega Legends Are Making A 3D Platformer For Square Enix

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Image: Square Enix

Today, during the pre-show for Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase event, Sonic The Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, Sonic and NiGHTS Into Dreams co-creator Naoto Ohshima, and publisher Square Enix announced Balan Wonderworld, a new action-platformer in which costumes unlock unique abilities.

The game will contain over 80 costumes, each with their own powers. You’ll use them to solve puzzles. The art style is more ornate than Sonic, evoking another, lesser-known Sonic Team classic, NiGHTS Into Dreams.


It’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X in spring 2021.

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Randy Randerson

Sure seems much more in line with Nights than Sonic. Looks interesting, but I’m concerned that the character animation and gameplay looks a little...rough? Like the running animation in particular, as well as attacks. It looks like a Sega Saturn game framework remade in modern assets.