Two Remaining Old Republic Classes Revealed

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The latest issue of German magazine PC Games spills the beans on the two final classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic - the Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor.


Well that's certainly a novel way to make sure you don't have a huge overpopulation of Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors. The Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor are both force-active classes, one fulfilling a support role while the other seems to be more of a DPS class. Note that all of the information here comes from a translation of a scan of the PC Games article from The Old Republic forum member Petrosis.

According to said translation, the Jedi consular can be geared towards a healing or damage role, depending on how useful the player feels like being.


The article calls the Sith Inquisitor a second line fighter, and from looking at its powers (seen below) it seems almost like a crowd controller with some area-of-effect (AOE) damage thrown in.

Check out the descriptions from the translation below, or hit up the link for the full post.

Update: BioWare has confirmed the classes in a forum post.

Jedi Consular page:
Image top:
With sword, charm and the force! The Jedi Consular fights from the second line.
Image middle:
The seventh class is the Jedi Consular. Contrary to the revealed Jedi Knight, several weeks ago, is the Consular not to be found in the first line. Although he can swing the lightsaber too, he masters several ranged fighting skills like "Sleep", "Lift" or "Smash". The class can be tuned into damage or healing. Thus is the Jedi Consular one mighty support class in the Old Republic.

Force Push

Both images bottom:
Beatiful type! The Jedi Consular stretches his arms, focuses his force, and throws the attacking droids with one strike through Force Push on the ground.

Sith Inquisitor page:
Image top left:
I have the force! As a Sith Inquisitor one masters the use of elecricity with ease.
Image top right:
The Sith Inquisitor is the alst of the eight classes tottaly with which SWTOR will launch. The Inquisitor is the opposite of the Consular and is a fighter from the second line. Equipped with force abilities like the "Shock" or the "Lightning Charge" heats his enemies properly, in which we could assure ourselves in one play session. One quest sent us into an ancient Sith-tomb, where crawled with killer worms (K'lor'slug Ravager) and imperial deserters. With the help of the area attack "Overload" near enemies we can not only damage them, but knock them back and stun them for several seconds, and so we cleaned the nest quickly.

Saber Blow
Lighting Charge
Dark Gift
Call a fare(?)
Dark Meditation

Image middle:
Bad chance! In close combat has the Trooper against the Inquisitor the bad cards
Image bottom:
Electricuted! With electrical hit one does not only damage but stuns the enemies


PC Games article fully translated [The Old Republic Forums - Thanks Venom!]

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Odd I thought they would have gone with something more unique.

But I'm not complaining too much as I can't decide what Republic class to roll as they're all awesome.