And so it was that two new albums were released unto the world, and they featured sounds inspired by the video games of ago. And they were good. Lo, they were bitchin', even.

Two albums! Both very good! And okay, while that's sort of a pushy headline, you should strongly consider listening to them.


First, we've got Spectra from Chipzel, the manic musical mistress behind the ass-kicking Super Hexagon soundtrack. Listen here:

I had the pleasure of seeing Chipzel perform at the Venus Patrol party at this year's GDC, and I've never seen anything quite like it. At one point she was standing up on the DJ table, going wild while the crowd danced below. Projected on a massive screen behind her, a Super Hexagon game spun round and round.

Oh what the hell, let's listen to that Hexagon song one more time:


Second up, we've got a remix follow-up to World 1-2, the all-star album released earlier this year. World 1-2 featured compositions from Megaman's Manami Matsumae, Journey's Austin Wintory, Ninja Gaiden's Keiji Yamagishi, and many more. (Including Chipzel, as it happens.) The follow-up, called "World 1-2 Encore," features video game remixes. Listen here:


And hey, while we're listening to things, let's revisit World 1-2, since it was pretty great.


More than enough music to accompany your Labor Day picnics and parties.

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