Marvel vs Capcom fans, you may want to make room in your hearts for two more characters, as a leaked comic looks to have accidentally outed two Marvel super-villains set to join the cast.

Some work-in-progress shots of a comic, reportedly based on the upcoming fighting game sequel, turned up recently on the website of artist Kevin Sharpe it's now believed they were accidentally revealed by the comic's inker, not Sharpe. While they've since been taken down, the shots clearly show Deadpool nemesis Taskmaster, along with big helmet fan Galactus.


Almost every other character in the comic has already been revealed for the game, so yeah, this makes the pair's appearance seem likely. We say "almost", though, because who's that the Hulk is dragging? is it Spider Man's foe Green Goblin?

Kotaku is following up with Capcom and will update should the company comment.

Marvel Comic Book Art [Shoryuken]

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