Two Minutes' Worth of Gameplay from the Adventure Game of the Future

Tossing a wineglass on the ground has never looked so fun.


The developers behind Loading Human have released a short clip showcasing some VR gameplay from their upcoming first-person adventure. It's above, give it a watch. Looks like a perfect fit for motion controls and VR—I especially dig the somewhat System Shock-esque virtual segments.

Loading Human Gameplay Trailer [Untold Games@YouTube]

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Looks cool and all but I feel like even wearing the Oculus headset the movements will cause you to loose that sense of reality. When I turn my body I lead with my head. To turn right I first look right then using my head/eyes to target something and my body follows after. I never turn my body without turning my head first. So maybe the player in the video was not moving like a virtual reality user. He looked to be moving like you would in a normal game. Turning the character with a stiff neck then looking around. I don't know. I bet the quality and equipment will only get better as time goes on.