Two Kinects Can Make A Model Of The World Around You

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With one Kinect motion-sensing camera, we can see part of our surroundings in 3D. With two, however, we can actually generate 3D models of our surroundings.


Oliver Kreylos, the man behind the first of these kind of videos, has got hold of a second camera and with it built an adorable little 3D model of his bedroom. There are none of the shadows or "black holes" that marred his first video; instead, aside from a few empty spots that could (theoretically) be easily fixed with more cameras, what he's got running here is perhaps the most exciting Kinect demo of them all.


After all, who cares if "you" are the controller if you can make levels - even if they are a little on the rough side - based around the rooms in your house?

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No one has figured out the method I theorized for having them work together with no interference. :x