Two Hours Worth Of Video Game Fatalities Spills Blood 500 Ways

In advance of the release of the new Mortal Kombat, one YouTube user with some free time on his hands stitched together nearly two hours worth of fatalities and finishing moves from more than two dozen video games for your viewing pleasure.


The hits are all here, from many Mortal Kombats to Killer Instinct to Clayfighter to Primal Rage. The creator, BigBangBlitz, even went to the trouble of including the gory finishing moves from the likes of Time Killers, Kasumi Ninja and Bloodstorm. There's some BlazBlue and Samurai Shodown in here, too.

So, yes, there are plenty of decapitations, but you'll also see less grisly stuff like Shawn Michaels dropping a heart shaped bed on his opponent in WWF WrestleMania.


What you won't see in this two-hour-long bloodfest are the many finishing moves of Tattoo Assassins. Fortunately, you can see all of those right here if two hours simply isn't enough time for you to waste today.

There's even a handy index, should you have notations turned on, making it easy to skip from game to game.

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Is there some sort of premium you have to pay to upload more than 15-minute-long videos?