Two Guys One Controller

A lot of cool stuff went down at Awesome Games Done Quick last week (and over the weekend), but one of the best was a “2P1C” world record on Super Metroid. Where 2P1C stands for “two players one controller”.


I wanted to share this last week but Twitch’s archiving and sharing is so terrible that we couldn’t make it work. Now that there’s a YouTube link for it, let’s take a look!

Belated congratulations on the new world record, sweetnumb and oatsngoats! Finishing Super Metroid in 52:01 is neat by anyone’s standards. Finishing it in under an hour while splitting movement and actions between two individual human beings is just bonkers.

Bonus: here’s an illustration Nina Matsumoto whipped up in honour of the feat:

Illustration for article titled Two Guys One Controller



This is fantastic! Not fantastic though? Twitch. How is twitch so terrible and so popular at the same time. Makes no sense to me.