Two Guys Go From Racing Games To Racing Real Cars

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Last year, Sony and Nissan teamed up to hold a Gran Turismo competition. GT racers would compete for a spot on a real race team. The winners are in, so let's go meet 'em.


Lars Schlömer is a German cab driver. Lucas Ordóñez is a uni student from Spain. Both are mad Gran Turismo fanboys, both have mad Gran Turismo skills, both will now be racing in the 24-hour Dubai endurance race on January 8 after they beat out 25,000 other competitors in GT5: Prologue for the top prize.

They'll be joined on the team (the Nissan PlayStation Team) by ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert, and really, as far as game competitions go I'm stumped trying to come up with one that's so damn amazing.


I'm anxious to see how they do. Sony's taking a bit of a bet thinking that racing game skills will translate to real-world driving skills. No doubt the two will be receiving some additional training prior to the actual race.

I have noticed that extinsive in-game experience with driving has made me personally quite a dangerous driver to encounter on normal residential roads, since I have a natural tendancy to cut corners and reduce steering. I do shift a lot more efficiently though :/