Two Gamers Who Spend Two Full Days A Week Playing Games

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Remember that NPD study that defined extreme gamers as people who average 48.5 hours of play time a week? G4's Patrick Klepek got two of these gamers to explain themselves.

One of them is 22-year-old Chelsie Chatelain, who explains how she manages to play games so much:

"I just have A LOT of free time," she said. "Going to college, unemployed. And rather [than] go and spend a bunch of money I would rather just buy a game and chill at my house. Been playing games since i was like 2, so pretty much addicted, lol. Started with a NES, havent stopped since."


This sound like you? Or someone you used to be?

Read the full piece for more about these two gamers, or explain your own 48-hour habit right here.

Two "Extreme Gamers" Who Happily Admit Playing 48.5 Hours Per Week [G4's The Feed] [PIC]

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I would love to have that much time to dedicate to gaming. It is truly my hobby and passion and has been since '77 when I got my Atari 2600. I manage to get in about 20 hours a week (much to my wife's displeasure). Now that I am 37 with a wife, three kids and a full time job as IT director, I squeeze in game time when I can. My kids go to sleep at 8 and my wife usually hits the sack around 9. My night starts then. I am up until around midnight gaming, but the weekends are gaming light as I am doing the family/responsible thing now-a-days.

Not that I am complaining at all. I love my life and my family. I have a wife that puts up with my gaming shit for the most part and lets me do my thing. Hell, I have my own man cave with a 55" LCD TV, 1080P projector, every console you can think of, brand new gaming PC and pretty much every game I want. Most of that shit my wife either bought for me or encouraged me to buy.