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Remember that NPD study that defined extreme gamers as people who average 48.5 hours of play time a week? G4's Patrick Klepek got two of these gamers to explain themselves.


One of them is 22-year-old Chelsie Chatelain, who explains how she manages to play games so much:

"I just have A LOT of free time," she said. "Going to college, unemployed. And rather [than] go and spend a bunch of money I would rather just buy a game and chill at my house. Been playing games since i was like 2, so pretty much addicted, lol. Started with a NES, havent stopped since."


This sound like you? Or someone you used to be?

Read the full piece for more about these two gamers, or explain your own 48-hour habit right here.

Two "Extreme Gamers" Who Happily Admit Playing 48.5 Hours Per Week [G4's The Feed] [PIC]

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