Yoshitaka Amano is famous for his Final Fantasy art. Nobuo Uematsu is famous for his Final Fantasy music. The two are back working together on a new game, only instead of it being a JRPG, it’s an “an esports-driven mobile title”.

The game’s called Super Senso, and it basically looks like Advance Wars with polygons.

Their involvement is only partial; Amano has a few of Super Senso’s units, while Uematsu has done the game’s theme song.


Still, that’s more heavyweight help than most little mobile games can get hold of. If you’re wondering how the hell it all came to pass, turns out that Uematsu got roped in by former games writer James Mielke:

The initial connection was through James Mielke who’s been working as creative consultant for TURBO Studios. Years ago he came all the way to Yamanakako Village in Japan to interview me, and that’s where we first met. I seem to remember him asking me to compose a song for him because he was getting married, and I wrote one right on the spot. After that, Mielke moved to Yokohama or something and during his stay I would meet up with him from time to time, and even our wives would hang out as well. As his career evolved into making games, given our relationship, I definitely wanted to help him and TURBO out with this new groundbreaking project.


(I mostly pasted that wholesale for the wedding story, which is cool as hell).

You can listen to the track below, and below that is some of Amano’s art from the game.