Two Explosive Jackasses Invaded My Camp In Red Dead Online

Gif: Rockstar Games
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Let me tell you the story of two random men who decided to recreate the TV show Jackass in my camp in Red Dead Online.


I was just hanging out in Red Dead Online with some friends. We were hunting and chatting. Suddenly, two random players started attacking us. We headed to my camp, where we would be safe from attacks and used an in-game feature to “parlay” with the gang, so they could no longer attack or kill us. Instead of just leaving the two men ran up to us and started twirling their guns and dancing.

Then things got much stranger. And louder.

One of the men pulled out a big jug of moonshine. He walked towards the campfire and started pouring the moonshine out, right next to the flaming logs. Seconds later, the moonshine on the ground caught fire. He didn’t run. Instead, he calmly stopped pouring and stood still. A moment later and he rocketed off into the sky.

My friends and I were all bit stunned and started laughing. We thought he had tried to kill us and ended up instead of killing himself. One of my friends shouted in our party chat on PS4, “What an idiot! He doesn’t know he can’t hurt us at camp?!” Well, he did know this. And a few moments later, he had respawned and ran his way back into camp, this time with his friend from before.

Over the next 15 minutes or so, these two guys proceeded to blow themselves up using this moonshine trick. They would sometimes just barely blow up, only landing a few feet away. Other times they would blast off into the sky, not unlike Team Rocket in Pokemon when they get defeated.

We quickly realized, after the third blast, that these guys were no longer trying to hurt us or kill us. Instead, they were treating us to a live episode of Wild West Jackass. I recorded some of the action, while my friends stood back on the edge of camp and watched the two jackasses as they continued to blow themselves up.


After watching these men explode over and over, we realized they were probably not going to let us get any hunting or trading done and after watching one final explosion, we left that online session and went somewhere more peaceful.

However, for the rest of the night, my friends and I would find moments of downtime while playing. And now we had something new we could do to kill time. We began exploding ourselves, seeing who could get higher in the air using only moonshine and some fire.


So I must thank those two random men. What started out as an annoying experience with trolls, became a strange little show featuring a lot of explosions. And now I know a neat little party trick in Red Dead Online.

Hand me some moonshine and a match, I’ll show you.

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RDO is literally so boring, and this article is proof.

Watching randoms blow up and launch themselves is “something to do because there is nothing to do in RDO”.

Love Red Dead the game, but the online is trash.

RDO has become nothing but a dumpster fire of “well it’s something to do”.

Years from now we will finally get farm housing with barns for cows and chickens (exactly like in single player), and hot air balloons (exactly like in single player) .... unlocked with Gold Bars $$$ of course.

Want proof?

Rockstars Grand Theft Auto Online had 0 heists .... but single player had it ... not until over 2 years after GTO launched did heists finally come out (and were broken for awhile).

Till this day in 2020, Heists have payouts so crappy it wastes ALL YOUR TIME making you think, well Shark Cards would have saved me a long time for $10.



So glad I uninstalled RD1. Single player is great, but that is it.