Two Enter, Two Leave Kotaku's Power 40

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In January, we debuted the Kotaku Power 40, our admittedly impossible-to-perfect list of the most powerful people involved in video games. We aim to assess these people's current level of influence on... what we play, how we play, how we get our games and/or what we think of games.


Today, we present our first revision to the list, which you can find by scanning down the right hand column of 40.

You'll see some movement. You'll also see two new faces: Tim Schafer and Perry Chen. The esteemed game developer Schafer makes the list mainly for breaking Kickstarter records and perhaps re-writing the rules of funding video game development. Chen, CEO of Kickstarter makes the list for much the same reason.


Dropping from the list are From Software's Naotoshi Zin and Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto, both players in the Japanese gaming scene but neither of whom had any big news this past month that could keep them on the list in the face of the amazing Kickstarter episode.

We'll have another update in March, as fortunes rise and fall.

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why is mark zuckerberg is on the list?tim cook???TIM COOK???if apple IS EVEN supposed to be on the list,it should be steve jobs

also,where is HIDEO KOJIMA?!now HE should be no.1