Two Devs Sue Brash For Not Paying Up

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Brash Entertainment are no more. It's OK, your grief will pass. While you're waiting, know that two developers working with the now-defunct publisher are suing the company. 7 Studios - who were working on a game called 9, based on a cartoon produced by Tim Burton - are suing because Brash owe them $581,000. The other studio suing is Zootfly, who claim Brash owe them $748,000 for the Prison Break game they were working on. You may remember Zootfly from their Ghostbusters pitch last year. Oh Brash. They didn't live with dignity, guess it'd be too much to be expecting they die with some. Brash sued by two developers [Variety]



I expect 7 Studios to die next, with their company logo being the RROD after all..