If you're here in the Panel Discussion programming block, you might be a lapsed comics reader, trying to find a way back to the JLA Satellite. Or you might someone killing time until you pick up your weekly Wednesday pull list. Or maybe you've said goodbye to dozens of longboxes to embrace the promise of digital comics. Whichever it is, you're still interested in the good stuff.

Welcome, then, to the Panel Discussion Dozen Quintet, where I pick out just-released or out-soon comics that I think are worth paying attention to. Ready? Then, let's meet the sequential art that'll be draining your wallet this week. Be sure to chime in with the books you'll be picking up or that you think everybody should be ready in the comments.


Fury of Firestorm #0
Despite being a Firestorm fan from way back in the ‘80s, I'd given up on the latest reboot of the atomically powered superhero. But this #0—which I've read already thanks to a preview from DC Comics—has convinced me to jump back in. Unlike many of the special interludes that have come out from the publisher this much, it summed up what happened before and gave me reasons to want to follow the characters. I'm back in… for now.


Happy #1

It's been a while since Grant Morrison put out something as supremely trippy as his masterworks The Invisibles and The Filth. I'm hoping that this series about a misanthropic, hallucinating hitman—drawn by Darick Roberston, one of the best artists working in comics today—will give me more bizarre spilling from Morrison's brain.