Two Classic JRPGs Are Coming Back On Modern Platforms

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Two old role-playing games—Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Breath of Fire III—are coming to modern consoles in the very near future, their respective publishers announced this week. It’s a good time for old JRPGs.


Today, Nintendo’s bringing FFTA to Wii U on the Virtual Console. It’ll cost you $8, and although it isn’t as stellar as its predecessor, Final Fantasy Tactics, it’s a solid strategy-RPG nonetheless.

Capcom also announced last night that they’re bringing the PSP version of Breath of Fire III to PSN as a digital release in February. This one will be $10, which is a bargain for one of the best RPGs the PlayStation had to offer. You’ll be able to play it on PSP, Vita, or PS TV.


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Darmok eats Challah at 12Nagra

In high school, I played the hell out of FFTA, even more than the original Tactics.Why can’t the 3DS run this game, even after the ambassador program and the new specs? What’s up Nintendo?

Wow the PSP version of Breath of Fire III? I was not expecting that. Though I should be more surprised that Capcom is giving a fig about its non SF/RE games.