Twitter's new video service—Vine, which lets you create six second looping videos—launched recently and has exploded in popularity. Some gamers seized on it as a chance to express their love of the hobby. Here are just a few of the best posts we found on Vine so far.

Just a heads-up: This page may take a while to load, since it's full of HTML5 videos. Additionally some of the compatibility in embedding is still a bit wonky. If you are having trouble seeing the videos below, try opening the post in a different browser (Chrome seems to be the most finicky) or directly viewing each Vine link. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you these videos.

Graph Paper Tetris

That 3DS is a monster!



Pikachu uses headbutt. It's super-effective!

Gaming magazines were great, weren't they?


Classic Pinball

I could watch this Mario stop-motion all day.


I think my cartridge might be broken, guys.

Looks like someone is jazzed for Ni No Kuni


And lastly; Mario is a cruel, cruel master

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