Twitter Zombies To Death On Your iPhone

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Experience the thrill of social networking and casual gaming convergence with Tweet Defense, an iPhone zombie tower defense title that boosts your units' power based on your Twitter activity.


The perfect anti-zombie fortifications are only a few Tweets away in Tweet Defense. Created by leading social media and community marketing agency Promethium Marketing Group, the game connects with Twitter, grabs your number of friends, followers, and Tweets, and uses them to enhance the power of your defense units.

For instance, my friends have earned me a 5% rate of fire increase, my followers add 20% to my range, and my number of Tweets grants me 10% extra damage. Considering I've only Tweeted 98 times in the history of Twitter, your stats might be much, much better.

Tweet Defense's executive producer, Nelson Rodriguez, explains the genesis of this nifty little application.

"We wondered what it would be like to take your social network and your activities there and turn it into a game. We ended up with a full on tower defense game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are."

Tweet Defense is now available on the iTunes App Store for $.99.


Twitter users? And I always thought zombies went after people with brains...